Oracle Professional Services Agreement

This agreement contains, by reference to all URL conditions (if any), parts and pre-calculation forms, and this agreement, with these referenced elements, constitutes the entire agreement between the customer and Oracle and must be the definitive and complete expression of their agreement. The parties expressly oppose any confidence in all prior conversations, emails, interviews and/or agreements between the parties. There are no other oral agreements, insurance, guarantee obligations or other agreements between the parties. When running the cloud service, Oracle will adhere to Oracle Services` privacy policy, which is available under and will be integrated as a reference. Oracle Services` privacy policy may be changed at Oracle`s discretion. However, changes to Oracle`s guidelines do not significantly reduce the level of protection for the customer`s personal data (as defined in Oracle`s data processing agreement) that is provided during the customer`s order form as an integral part of the customer`s data. Professional services. Oracle offers optional “pay-as-you-go” professional services. The extent of benefits for all professional services listed under the title “Services” in the summary statement of purchase in the order form is described under

If Oracle is required to provide tailored professional services, the parties exclude and execute a work statement that includes the extent of Oracle`s services to the client and other general conditions related to those professional services. In the case of a conflict between an agreement and a condition or condition stipulated in a CONVENTION, the terms of this agreement apply, unless the parties expressly agree otherwise in this CONVENTION. SoW can only be modified or modified with the written consent of Oracle and customers. The purchase and provision of professional services is separate and separate from the services and is not necessary for your use of the Services. The customer cannot induce or allow other people to: (a) to carry out work, disassembled, decompiled, reproducible, reproduced, reloaded, downloaded or copied (including data structures or similar materials produced by programs); (b) accessing services or using them to create or support, directly or indirectly, products or services that are competitive with Oracle; or (c) license, sale, transfer, distribution, distribution, relocation, use, commercial use or provision to third parties, unless this agreement or purchase order permits. “Support Services,” the additional, fee-paying technical support services made available to the Customer for cloud service under the conditions outlined in this document. Oracle`s business partners and other third parties, including all third parties with whom service integrations or services are retained by the customer to provide consulting, implementation services or applications that interact with the Services, are independent of Oracle and are not Oracle agents. Oracle is not liable for customer service or data issues arising from shares of such a counterparty or third party, unless the counterparty or a third party provides services as Oracle subcontractors as part of a commitment ordered pursuant to this Agreement and, if so, only to the extent that Oracle would be responsible for our resources under this Agreement. Third-party applications. Oracle or third parties may offer third-party applications.

Oracle does not guarantee such applications to third parties, unless they are expressly specified in the order form, that these applications are provided to third parties by a third party who is a member of an Oracle partnership program or who is otherwise referred to as “certified,” “approved” or “recommended” by Oracle. Any purchase of these applications or services by the customer is made exclusively between the customer and the third party concerned.