Standard Form Ppp Agreement

10.1 All intellectual property rights, including patents, copyrights, drawings and trademarks, materials produced under this agreement, including staff members for the purposes or as a result of the performance of its obligations (“contract material”), are transferred to the ILO. The preamble to the agreement. In this section, the parts are mentioned in the correspondence, the purpose of the agreement, the context and the reference to the legal authorization given by the Authority to the implementation of the agreement, the objectives and description of the project (in general, the detailed scope of the project is included in a timetable attached to the main agreement), the language and number of original copies of the agreement, the date of effect, the date and place of the agreement, and other related issues. 3.1 The following documents form the whole agreement between the parties and replace all previous agreements, agreements, communications and declarations: under this agreement, the National Working Group on P3s works cooperatively to improve the use of P3s through research and progress on P3 reform. Dealer/private company obligations. This section addresses issues relating to general obligations, the participation agreement, the financing agreement, refinancing, the use of insurance products, uninsurable risks, disclosure of information, disclosure of public information, and security of benefits. Obligations on sectoral issues (for example. B the provision of services provided by other operators) and the various reporting obligations to regulators may also be included in this section or in a separate section. The Indian government`s planning committee provides an overview of the types of concession agreements for P3s for a number of transportation-related projects. 20.1 Staff will comply with all laws, regulations, rules and regulations relating to the performance of their obligations under this agreement. Below are links to examples of standardized PPP agreements, PPP contractual clauses, tender documents and national and international advice: definitions and interpretations. This section contains operational definitions and interpretations of the terms (for example.

B accounting exercise, agency, authority, book value, concession, contractor, financial accounts, industry best practices, ministry, terminal, etc.) used in the contract document and requires a clear understanding. It can also determine what predominates if possible discrepancies or ambiguities are taken into account in the text of the agreement.