Symantec Data Processing Agreement

2. The prior written contract between the data importer and the subcontractor also provides for a third-party beneficiary clause, in accordance with Clause 3, in cases where the person concerned is unable to obtain the remedy covered in paragraph 1, paragraph 6, paragraph 6, because it has disappeared or no longer become insolvent, and no undertaking that would succeed the legal obligations of the data exporter or data importer by contract or legal form. This liability of one-third of the subprocessor is limited to its own processing operations in accordance with the clauses. 14.6 Subcontracting agreements. The parties agree that the sub-treatment obligations covered in item 11 of the standard contractual clauses under section 28 of the RGPD will be met. The parties agree that copies of the subprocessing agreements that CrowdStrike must make available to the customer in accordance with item 5 j) of standard contractual clauses may contain any commercial and confidential information or clauses that have nothing to do with the standard contractual clauses or their equivalent clauses previously published by CrowdStrike; and that such copies of CrowdStrike will only be provided upon written request of the customer, in a manner to be determined at the customer`s discretion. 14.1 These conditions apply when standard contractual clauses are adopted by the parties instead of another appropriate mechanism for transferring personal data for the transfer of personal data from the Client of the European Economic Area, Switzerland or the United Kingdom to another jurisdiction that has not been recognised as appropriate by the European Commission , the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner or.dem the Office of the United Kingdom Information Commissioner. (h) that it has previously informed the data exporter in the event of subconscition and obtained its prior written consent; To help you with your data protection efforts, please download the Mimecast Data Processing Agreement (DPA), which contains revised or additional provisions regarding the processing of personal data from your underlying service contract. The data protection authority deals with issues such as review, injury communication, data transmission and the technical and organizational measures we have.

The DPA contains in our services the requirements of Article 28 of the RGPD for contracts between controllers and processors and is necessarily adapted to our unique platform, processes, procedures and services. In addition, the data protection authority also contains requirements for businesses and service providers under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA).